Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Why Paypal ignored Ghana ?

In the early 2000's in most west African countries including Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal when the internet cafe was a new phenomenon, many youngsters spent most of their time at the cyber cafe surfing the internet. There was however a worrying trend that began to take wave in most of these internet cafes. The young men found darknet websites that gave them unlimited access to credit and mastercard details of people in Europe and America. They used this details to shop for clothing , gadgets from ecommerce websites like Ebay and Amazon. When shipping of the goods were not allowed directly to Africa the fraudsters would use their family and friends abroad as middle men / passage routes to receive the products and further ship it to them in Ghana and their respective countries. Most of these poor and disadvantaged youth found a gold mine in this trade and they spent almost 24 hours shopping and fishing for credit card details to scam. Others went as far as using the paypal accounts of vulnerable account holders to orchestrate this dubious activity.

Somewhere around 2004 after thousands of legitimate users of Paypal , amazon and ebay complained about unusual purchases and huge sums of money were getting lost in their accounts. These technology giants decided it was time to curb this fraudulent activity of credit card fraud. They simultaneously decided to blacklist so many West African countries from using the platform for their illicit activities. Some of the countries that were blacklisted included Ghana , Nigeria and many other African countries. Over the next decade that followed it was impossible for people resident in Ghana and the other blacklisted to make or receive payments on the PayPal platform. With many online merchants using PayPal, sometimes exclusively, to receive payments for products and services, Ghana's 24 million people, like many more in other blacklisted countries, were unable to transact business.

If you are wondering what Paypal is , paypal according to their official website was founded in 1998, they continue to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, processing almost 11.5 million payments for their customers per day. PayPal gives people better ways to connect to their money and to each other, helping them send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balances, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and credit cards. With about 162 million active digital wallets, they have created an open and secure payments ecosystem people and businesses choose to securely transact with each other online, in stores and on mobile devices. PayPal is a truly global payments platform that is available to people in 203 markets, allowing customers to get paid in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds to their bank accounts in 57 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 26 currencies.

Fast forward to 2015, the year of the digital revolution where smart phones are not seen by many Ghanaians as a luxury but instead a necessity. You should by now understand the immense role paypal would play in our cashless society. We live in a time that many Ghanaian entrepreneurs with innovative products and services would offer real value to buyers around the world and contribute to economic development locally, are now been cut off from much of the world where PayPal is a major platform for receiving payments. This is anti-business. Similarly, there are lots of social enterprises and charities that are working to improve lives and communities in Ghana and around Africa that are unable to accept donations via PayPal. All over world, online donations have powered a variety of social innovations and charity projects. Being blacklisted means many innovative social enterprises and charities in Ghana are deprived access to potential donors. This isn't progressive. This are the words of Samuel Darko, a District Rotaract Representative.

In 2013 many African youth decided to use social media and other mediums to gain the attention of Paypal. I will name two of the notable campaigns whose aim was for paypal to be brought to their respective countries. One of them is the outspoken change maker Samuel Darko whom I mentioned earlier on. He started an online petition here https://www.change.org/p/rupert-keeley-enable-paypal-in-ghana to make it impossible for people resident in Ghana to make or receive payments on the PayPal platform. His target was 5,000 signatures and was able to get about 2,486 signatures and a lot of social media buzz. The second campaign was started by a Nigerian company called Creativity Kills , founded by Neo Ighodaro and they were also able to gain 597 supporters. These initiatives were very essential proving that the new African is able to take the necessary steps for them to be heard.

These campaigns gained a lot of recognition but paypal was unresponsive for a long while until they finally decided to hear the plea of certain countries. According to Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal, as at Tuesday 17th of June, 2014 users from Nigeria and other countries from sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America were finally given access to be able to use the online payment platform. That meant that PayPal now is been used in 203 countries.

This came as a shock to the Ghanaian technology community since we also petitioned and were blacklisted along with Nigeria but they were given access to the platform but not us. It made a little sense since Nigeria now has the fastest economy in Africa and as well one of Africa biggest country with a population of 173.6 million as of 2013. Ghana on the other have a lesser population of about 25 million.

In my humble opinion the reason paypal ignored us was that we made a lot of noise internally on only our social networks especially our social circles about the petition and as a result the message did not get to the right desk at the Paypal offices. We should have instead made good use of institutions like the Ministry of foreign affairs to intervene on our behalf and as well went further on to get the message out there to the our networks in the Diaspora about the rise of young Ghanaian entrepreneurs who paypal will further enhance their work on a global platform.

FYI:A representative of Paypal, last week revealed that, apart from South Africa, Nigeria is the second largest market for their payment solution, followed by Kenya.

“We are happy to see that PayPal has been widely welcomed by Nigerians since the launch of the service in the country last year,” the Head of Business Development Sub-Saharan Africa, Malvina Goldfeld said. 

Till then some of us will use resources available to us to bring paypal back to Ghana.

This story appeared on yesterday's edition of the General Telegraph. 


  1. Replies
    1. yes please stop it and ALLAH will give you the best in life....we critisize and treat you wicked or stop it and use it legally....which do u prefare scammers?..............the powers are yours to decide...be warned!!!

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  2. Hey You clash of clans YT! Stop scamming..! This useful article is to be used to improve the state of international transactions in Ghana. Not a platform for scammers.

    The Author here is initiating a great thing and we must support him to attain a new height. STOP THE SCAM.

    And The Author! Thanks for your great work.
    We all know how paypal's unavailability in Ghana is costing us. Nigeria is out of the list. Ghana still remains. We have to do our possible best to catch paypal's attention like nigeria did.

    You started. We will support you.
    Great work done

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  4. Good work. I just don't understand why we Ghanians cannot bring PayPal to Ghana, I think we are sleeping, and if so let us wake up. This is 21st century, we shouldn't always lack behind

  5. Guyz lets mke ward 2 crab PAYPAL in Ghana

  6. Great work guys, we really have to make this a reality and we need each and everyone on board

  7. I shock give paypal waaa!!! How can you blacklist Ghana and unblock a whole NIGERIA???. Massa!!! I am sure fraud business there has received a serious positive u turn ....Infact a GIGANTUAN BOOM!! Aaaajei payaL go go banrupt by 2017!!!

    1. I second you BRO.If Nigeria have been unblocked , it shouldn't have taking evening 1 second to unblock Ghana.
      look i ignored Paypal a longtime ago ,and don't evening try to follow this online strategy of creating Paypal ooo.
      Because they will and will surely find out, and may be by then you have funds in it and you account will be LIMITED forever.
      NETELLER , SKRILL ,PAYONEER AND BITCOIN are now doing great with online shopping in ghana now.

    2. yes why Nigeria i mean really they say nigeria is capital of scammers but ghana is out. alot of people in ghana are hard working but it is poor country i have a ghana friend that lives there born and raised there and he lost his job that as manager of a catering company and he was getting paid $200 a month now he has to find the funds to go out of the country to work visa plain ticket room and board expenses so he goes to the internet to find work legit work there is no work in Ghana

  8. minsitry of foregn affairs should step u p for ghana in this issue. the youth of today really need paypal for better business transactions in this our poor economy

  9. please paypal hear our cry... we legit patronisers who want to hit the online business are suffering

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  11. it is just so sad paypal does not support Ghana. that is a serious lost to all Tech guys and businessmen in Ghana. we can't sell, buy or be paid through this services. very very bad

  12. If Paypal decide to add Ghana to their list,fine!If they don't that is also fine.Because even with the countries they support , especially USA citizen are having big problems with them.
    You can even see Ebay and Paypal are no loger together.check this web site for complains about Paypal , with even countries they support.http:(//www.screw-paypal.com/)

  13. you want to know why? they are racist. check credit card fraud rate in Europe and Africa. You will get to know Africa we are nowhere close to the crime they are accusing us. Also, our leaders don't think of the future. Is the Ghana central bank that use approve.

    1. you are absolutely correct we like to denigrate ourselves

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  15. Please do all your possible best to bring paypal back in Ghana. We so much need it. Thanks

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. go to the link below to add your voice, the goal is 5000, so far only 3000

    link : https://www.change.org/p/rupert-keeley-enable-paypal-in-ghana

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    1. Thanks for your post. Its quite informative. I have a paypal account already which i registered with a U.S IP and U.S address. I have never linked a card with it and haven't used it before for any transaction because I fear when funds come inside it, it can be blocked and will lose my money. With your advice here, How can I get it working? With my same details?

    2. Always use your real name and use Ghana ip address to open the account even if paypal limit the account you can always send them your id and your account will be restored, dont use vpn or vps to hide your ip address.

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  21. Has anyone bought a PayPal account from www.auctionessistance.com/shop

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  24. I want to come and setup online business in Ghana. With more focus on selling my video contents, now I am comfused about my coming home to my motherland.

    Edward Odonkor

    1. @amarte you should not be confused

      Their good payment merchant here in Ghana like slydepay you can use their service to sell your contents all over Ghana and Africa.

      If you also want to sell to people outside africa you can use stripe or 2checkout.

  25. Thanks Paul,

    Its good to hear some positive moves by the Ghanaian business community to implement some alternatives to Paypal. God bless Ghana.

  26. It's unbelievable that Paypal will remove nigeria from the blacklist and leave Ghana. I believe the time is now, please let's act together to prevent this discrimination.

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  28. Maybe we should focus on other cryptocurrencies and say "fuck you" to paypal. We are genuises, we should come up with better solution, mobile money is a great solution. "Fuck paypal". We pay for your service, we are not going to beg you to make you rich. Fuck paypal.....

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  38. Why don't we come together to petition paypal so that they can unrestrict Ghana.

  39. Sure, this is the time Paypal revised its notes and opened the gates to countries like Ghana and Nigeria. It stands to gain rather than loose. However these countries should collaborate with the inernational agencies, in fact all stakeholders, and mount a strong combact against those fraudsters in question.

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