Thursday, 23 May 2013

Launch of Guido Sohne's official postmortem website and my blog just turned 1 :)

Last year in March I was awarded the Guido Sohne Fellowship by Free software and Open source foundation for Africa (FOSSFA ) in Abuja , Nigeria . Today marks the birthday of the Late Guido Sohne and as the reigning Guido Sohne fellow I have built a web platform that is a hub for his documentaries , conference presentations , articles / blog posts , online photos , his open source code snippets and most of his digital contributions.

Kindly open this link to view the website He continues to be an inspiration to myself and other budding young software developers hoping to solve everyday African problems with technology. Check out this website and be inspired and also a big thank you to the Sohne Family for providing me with the resources !!

I started blogging last year on the 23rd of May and this was my first blog post Guido Sohne is my Role model It's amazing how fast time flies by and you don't even realize it. I've posted eleven blog posts and my favorite write up till date is Agonies of an African Programmer: Part 2  Below is my reader statistics: My blog has received exactly 6610 unique page views over the last one year and also United States of America is my biggest audience with 1644 page views. A big thank you to all my readers and please subscribe to this blog in order to be the first to read my latest blog post. I hope to blog more about my technological visions and experiences.

People enjoy the interaction on the Internet, and the feeling of belonging to a group that does something interesting: that's how some software projects are born. Linus Torvalds 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Infrastructure for E-Commerce in West Africa

It's been almost a month since my last blog post , I left for Germany  and will post a blog soon about my trip in a few weeks. This was meant to be a facebook post and felt it was too long so i decided to keep it here in my weblog.

My quest to actually build an eCommerce infrastructure in the near future to solve online payments in Ghana has forced me to start learning about Internet protocols ( IPv4,IPv6 ) , DNS , Online Security and networking etc There are a few online payments in the tech eco-system but we will love to take a shot at OasisWebSoft or might use it as my final year project in the university by building a similar solution..

Thanks to the poor and disadvantage youth who started credit card fraud and scams in the early 2000's , we ( West Africa ) have been blacklisted from online transactions. For the last three hours I've managed to configure eight virtual pc's , 5 switches with one router on Cisco Packet Tracer.. And the beauty of it was when I was able to successfully ping one of the pc's . Guess this is a good start.Will keep you updated on my progress and i'm open for collaboration. If you have any killer idea about this project , do shoot me a mail raindolf [at]