Friday, 17 May 2013

Infrastructure for E-Commerce in West Africa

It's been almost a month since my last blog post , I left for Germany  and will post a blog soon about my trip in a few weeks. This was meant to be a facebook post and felt it was too long so i decided to keep it here in my weblog.

My quest to actually build an eCommerce infrastructure in the near future to solve online payments in Ghana has forced me to start learning about Internet protocols ( IPv4,IPv6 ) , DNS , Online Security and networking etc There are a few online payments in the tech eco-system but we will love to take a shot at OasisWebSoft or might use it as my final year project in the university by building a similar solution..

Thanks to the poor and disadvantage youth who started credit card fraud and scams in the early 2000's , we ( West Africa ) have been blacklisted from online transactions. For the last three hours I've managed to configure eight virtual pc's , 5 switches with one router on Cisco Packet Tracer.. And the beauty of it was when I was able to successfully ping one of the pc's . Guess this is a good start.Will keep you updated on my progress and i'm open for collaboration. If you have any killer idea about this project , do shoot me a mail raindolf [at]


  1. To achieve this vision is possible ,you can set up your owned Online payment policies and framework partnering with international banks that will cost you some millions of dollars ,your server will not be hosted in Africa,But with time you can add African countries to your transaction catalog ,This solution is critical in Ghana,with protocols supporting Online payment,several mobile apps can be instigated to support this module ,eg when you pick a taxi with no ready cash,you can still make payment from a mobile app,ie the two parties(Taxi Driver & You) can transfer money instantly from various account,while your framework runs as a transaction controller

    1. Thanks so much for your contribution. Will keep you in the loop :)

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